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tv   America Live  FOX News  March 25, 2013 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> this rivalry, what's the right rivalling? >> rivalling, yes. >> sorry, we'll get that right. >> jodi arias, the court case now, don't you think? >> yeah, ohio versus pennsylvania. >> that's right, the indictment of the groundhog by a prosecutor in ohio. he says phil misled the american people by predicting an early spring and now he's calling for the ultimate punishment. >> it's definitely not spring, it's a snowstorm and temperatures in the teens. and when i came to work in the wind and the cold and i said to myself, something's wrong with phil, you know? punxsutawney has some answers he needs to get out and i
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think i'm just going to have to indict him. so, i set about to indict phil and of course, i'm seeking the death penalty, l face it, phil is behind bars with a life sentence. what else is left? >> he's considering a pardon for phil, by the way now, based on some excuses by phil's handler, but we'll keep you posted on the case and see all legal cases and happening now. >> thanks for joining us today. >> "america live" starts right now. >> megyn: fox news alert how one country's economy is saved from the brink of collapse in an unprecedented move that experts say comes at a major cost for anyone who uses a bank. think your money is safe? welcome to "america live" everyone, i'm megyn kelly. a tiny little island nation of cyprus has decided today that it will fix its financial crisis by taking people's money. and that's the ultimate solution. they will seize 30-- no, make that 40% being of
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every bank account in which the person has over 100,000 euros, about 120 or 30,000. and that's your thanks for having money in the cypriot banks and now there are questions about the global cost of the rescue and people find new limits to the trust we put in banks. greg palkot live in cyprus outside the parliament there. greg? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, that's right, megyn. the folks here in cyprus are breathing a sigh of relief, their country is not going bankrupt, but the price paid could be high for the people here and around the world. and with the european union to cough up its share of the money will be tough. one bank here will shut down, that will cost a lot of jobs. and most important, money in uninsured deposit accounts, about $130,000 or more will be
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freezed and that amount 40% and more of all depositors will-- small depositors will be spared, but they'll suffer in other ways in the country. and now, the president of cyprus is set to go on tv just about now. his government has been blamed for a lot. the country has become a bit of a tax haven for rich russians. some banks, we are told now, will reopen on tuesday, but restrictions will be in place. there was real fear there will be a run on those banks when they do reopen and in fact, we have just learned that the two biggest and most troubled banks will not reopen tomorrow. we're told now they won't open again until thursday. what is the u.s. take away from all this, megyn? >> europe, the ally, and trading partner for the united states, certainly, is intact. that's a good thing. but according to experts, the credibility of the euro shall
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the credibility of the european union has been damaged by all of this back and forth for the past couple of days. as you noted, a very dangerous precedent has been set, that is dipping into private bank accounts to pay for the government, and maybe that's why we see the markets both here and in the states go down today. >> megyn: greg palkot, thank you. it's not often that the economy in cyprus makes global headlines, but experts say the latest and unprecedented move is likely to affect baroning around the world and the psyche of people who put money in banks, including here in the united states. lou dobbs is host of "lou dobbs tonight" on the fox business network. in the end, lou, you and i have been talking about this for a week now. settled on-- >> confiscated. >> megyn: the rich are going to get it. the people are happy, but the rich, over, are screwed. >> and particularly the
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russians in those banks, two primary banks that are in immense trouble, one has failed in fact. thousands of jobs are being lost and the people in cyprus, no matter what anybody tells you, apologies to all of them, and the people in cyprus are not very happy because they realize they've been playing the fool throughout this entire episode. their parliament actually had the audacity to tell the european union to step aside with your insistence on austerity and we'll turn to our good friends, the russians. by the way, they were rejected and rebuffed by the russians, because this money that's sitting in their banks, you know, arguably four times the size of cyprus' economy, was not the money as they used the expression, it was dirty money and they're saying paying the price for it except for the small depositors, but in many ways they're taking money for
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those responsible for the hot, dirty money. >> megyn: and people that are using the banks to launder money, nobody cares, you do wrong and wrong gets done to you. it sets a precedent, it's never happened before, where they go in and take the money of private depositors and you're telling me this is the second largest bank in cyprus that's closed. there isn't one legitimate depositors in there? all foreign money getting laundered? because people across europe and yes, even here in the u.s. are starting to worry that if we don't get our own accounts in order and our fiscal situation in order, desperate measures will be taken in other countries, including possibly some day here in the united states? >> i think there's more as you listen to our leadership, look longingly toward europe, european socialist and follow the model of europe, which is really what you're talking about here as a reason to be concerned. i think it's absolutely valid. and in cyprus, it's a model of
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what happens when a population, the citizenry decides well, we'll look the other way when we see hot money, dirty money, flowing through our banking system with the banking system-- >> where you live for today. today i'm fine. not going to worry about tomorrow. >> in this country, people are deciding poll after poll, it's okay to tax the rich. tax the rich, please. so in this country-- >> and spend, spend, spend, and spend some more. >> a force of habit. in this country, suddenly, barack obama, the president of the united states is viewed in these polls and gets to play two roles in robin hood. he gets to be the sheriff of knottingham and prince, but the fact is this government is capable, i think is pretty clear, with the come pensing policy. we're taxing 2.3% on medical
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devices and we have 600 billion in taxes directly the beginning. year because of obamacare and no one voted on it. >> megyn: they want more. >> and this president says he wants another trillion dollars and the democrats passed that budget. you can dress it up whatever you want, the fact is it's c confiscatory and the government rather than being reined in, we know where to get it and we'll spend it any way we damn well please and you're going to pay for it. >> megyn: over in cyprus, they decided at the end of the day, this weekend, they decided we are going to take it from the rich and ought to shut the other people up and i've got to run. >> quickly shall the united nations wants to do a transaction tax on the whole world and there will never be a vote on the american people by that. it could happen. >> megyn: thanks for that, lovely parting thought. and you thought your taxes
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weren't enough, they'll hike them for you. lou is on every weekday night at 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. >> megyn: and well, developing right now in egypt. several activist leaders are held by prosecutors as mohammed morsi warns he plans to punish anyone found responsible for inciting riots in cairo on friday. and the opponents brought the fight to the door of the muslim brotherhood headquarters. we're told that thousands were caught up in the battled and nearly 200 were injured. morsi says he will do, quote, what is necessary. warning, this is going to be a harsh decision for him. in our next hour ambassador john bolton and ambassador nick burns will join us on the developing crisis in the country that means a lot for us and our relations in this region of the world. tens of thousands reported a suspicious flash of light
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spotted streaking across the night sky from florida to massachusetts. and so, what was it? trace gallagher, do you know? >> reporter: yeah, i know. i'm not going to tell you. no, it was actually a meteor, it was like this wide. now, remember, scientists say most of us will go our entire life without seeing a meteor. it seems like everyone saw this one, right? at eight o'clock friday night streaked across the eastern sky. by ten o'clock the american meteor society, nasa, several weather channels had gotten thousands of calls from nine different states, including canada, and as far inland asoo reporting this as a very bright star with a long green tail. meteors are normally the size of small pebbles. one the size of a softball can kind of light up like the full moon. this one, they believe, was a little more than a yard wide, which is why it lit up the sky so well. i mean, look at this thing here blazing across the sky in nine states and the reason
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they're going so fast as they enter the atmosphere, when they hit the atmosphere and you get that friction and causes the light. and nasa believes it was a single meteor that started in the northeast and strike up and down the sky and this, by the way, is in russia. remember this just last month? they say these things normally never hit the ground, they kind of disintegrate on impact and this one clearly hit the ground and did damage, injured people, landed in the lake. and people are saying the one the other night, they thought it landed on the delaware-maryland border and nasa says they don't really have any proof of that. they believe that it probably burned up as it came into the atmosphere. again, this was a meteor and when you're talking about these space rocks that are normally this size, one like this is big and this was big and a lot of people in a lot of states saw it. >> megyn: wow, all right, thanks, thank you. >> okay. >> megyn: we're seeing a big slide in the president's poll numbers when it comes to his handling of the economy. 10 points in just a couple of
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months. chris stirewalt is next on what may be hurting the president's standing and how the administration is likely to respond now. someone is at least 220 million dollars richer today and we're learning more about who that someone might be. and how they came to purchase the winning lottery ticket. a lot of change. and a new perspective on the cost of an exotic vacation. as the great white shark holds an impromptu test of one couple's supposed cage. >> are you okay? >> whoa! look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8.
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>> some thrilling seeking vacationers got the thrill after lifetime recently and by thrill we mean they were nearly eaten by a very large shark. watch this. >> oh! whoa! (bleep), (bleep).
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>> oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh. >> stand back, stand back! >> are you okay? >> whoa! >> oh, my gosh! > >> whee, good times. i'd like to walk by a creek and some people like to do this. it it happens last thursday and hear the terrified diver screaming and the shark thrashing around and fortunately they were not hurt and swam to the bottom of the cage to avoid the shark's jaws. well, new erosion today in the president's poll numbers on the economy as americans focus more and more on how washington is spending our tax money. according to the latest washington news poll, president obama has lost nearly ten points in the public's view on handling of
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the economy between december and march. look at that, he had a 18 percentage point advantage over the republicans in december and now, it's down to a 4 point advantage for him. this comes as even liberal observers suggest the president may have overplayed his hand with what stirewalt has been calling the scare-quester, trying to gin up people's fears over the sequester that didn't wind up panning out and new reports are emerging of wasteful spending. it happens every day. now it's the irs, agency in charge of collecting your tax dollars and boy, do they call you if you don't get them in on time and you're not responsible. well, now they have had to apologize for a 2010 training video that parodied "star trek" with your taxpayer dollars. here is a clip. >> coming in clear now, captain, shall i open a channel? >> yes. report. >> sir, it's worse than we thought. there's money laundering,
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bribery, campaign haircuts and running rampant in the streets and sir, exchanging the lowest coin currency for paper bills. >> oh. >> that's right, sir, pennies on the dollar. >> megyn: no wonder they get upset when our payments aren't in on time they have important projects to fund, chris stirewalt, power play editor. they get upset when our payments on the in on time and a couple years ago i was due a refund and took a long, long time and review it review an and if some of my money was going to fund a "star trek" movie and they didn't have it to give. >> yeah, that was something, i think when you call it. that was something. look, the president set the threshold for what an acceptable amount of money to discuss in the federal budget would be. and that was about 74,000, because that's how much it costs to keep tours operate at the white house.
10:20 am
>> megyn: for a week. >> for a week. once you set the threshold, that's a discussible amount of money that you say, this is an amount of savings worth having. that means anything that costs anywhere near that ends up, that's worth talking about and republicans, as it happens, are really good at finding and identifying things that money gets wasted on, whether it is the battle with the romulan tax cheats or now the infamous study of the private parts of certain male ducks. whatever it is, as long as the increment is something like or more than what the white house was spending on tours, it's fair game. >> megyn: for those of you who don't spend as much time in washington as chris. the reference to the ducks, we'll leave it at that, the reference to the ducks' anatomy is real. we spent almost $400,000 in a federal study that would look at the size put it that way, 400,000 of taxpayer money in addition to 60 grand you
10:21 am
taxpayers spent on the "star trek" video the irs thought it would be a laugh riot they use at the studio, and another one on gilligan's island and got caught. the house ways and means committee found out and said give us the tape. so they saw the little "star trek" tapes, the house ways and means committee, chris, and this is what the irs said. the irs recognizes and takes seriously our obligation to the good stewards of government resources and taxpayer dollars. there is no mistaking that this video did not reflect the best stewardship of resources. now, pay up on april 15th, like it or not. (laughter) you mentioned the polls you talked about the sliding numbers on the economy. here is what we cannot forget in any of this discussion. voters are smart enough to know the link between fiscal policy here in washington and economic policy large across the country. whether you think as democrats do there should be more
10:22 am
taxation and spending to stimulate the economy or whether you think as conservatives and republicans do, that there should be a cutting of spending to reduce the debt and a cutting of taxes to try to encourage growth. whatever it is that you think, you know that these two things are inner terrelated and as the president stumbles on the fiscal argument his on the economy are going to go down, too. >> megyn: and the irs are not the only ones spending in ways that are questionable. we talked about the duck thing and there are commercials teaching college student how to safely run their microwaves, here is an example. >> to safely cook in the microwave cover with a lid or microwave safe wrap and reheating and standing time use a food thermometer. >> the temperature should be 165 degrees fahrenheit unless otherwise stated on the label, that's the temperature that will kill any harmful bacteria
10:23 am
if president. >> megyn:-- present. >> megyn: are we stupid? >> if they were making it circa 1953, they he would not find any instant read thermometers in my dorm room. >> megyn: read the stupid label on the back of the food, the lean cuisine since the microwave came out in 1980 or so on. the point is government waste and you talk about president obama's poll numbers when handling the economy. joe biden made news because he went over to paris and london for one night in paris, one night in london, and reportedly ran up a tab of more than 1 million dollars for that two-night trip. 1 million dollars. hundreds of hotel rooms and so on. i'm asking you whether the american people have had it with all of this? >> yes, and the president made it so by lowering the threshold for what's worth discussing. the white house tour thing
10:24 am
looks worse every day and looking worse until the president can find out a way, and if he wants a deal, that's why. >> megyn: and we'll see. chris stirewalt, thank you. >> you bet. >> megyn: a mom from texas getting attention for flagging a test question that seems to ask if america brought the 9/11 attacks on ourselves. she's here live. busy in here. yeah. progressive mobile is... [ "everybody have fun tonight" plays ] really catching on! people can do it all! get a quote, buy and manage your policy! -[ music stops ] -it's great!
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>> i'm so outraged by this, i can't believe it. cbs is idiotic, stupid, the idea that they would put something like that on tv. don't blame it on young producers had to go through somebody at the executive branch at cbs. if they can't do better than that to have people go to the memorial where americans died, you ought to get off the network.
10:28 am
talk that show and shove it. >> megyn: don't mess with bob beckel or with american vets. cbs now offering an apology to the u.s. veterans after its hit show "the amazing race" used as a key setting in the television show a site in vietnam that celebrates the deaths of u.s. airmen who were fighting for our country. now, it seems the network realized the error of its way airing this message at the he beginning of last night's episode. >> part of last sunday's episode filmed in vietnam were insensitive to a group that's very important to us, our nation's veterans, we want to apologize to veterans, particularly those who senirved in vietnam and as well as their families and any viewers offended by the broadcast, all of us here have the most profound respect for the men and women who fight for our country. >> megyn: vietnam veterans and the national commander of the american legion had called that segment a quote, slap in the face. a lot of vets were outraged and a lot of talk on twitter and they were very unhappy and
10:29 am
beckel, who is opposed to the vietnam war, but a patriot, and certainly didn't want to see our vets insulted, was the one who really brought national attention to this. in any event, the vets now say that the apology has been accepted. talk about a lucky break. million of people bought tickets to saturday's 338 million dollar powerball drawing, and only one hit the jackpot. it was sold at a liquor store in new jersey. and right next to new york. i wasn't in it, trace. >> trace: and right across the river, right, megyn? and only one ticket sold, but they're not sure, that maybe some other people shared. the winner has not come forward. grand prize, the largest payout ever. take the cash buyout, $211 million after taxes and you get like $151 million. up like other states where winners can remain anonymous,
10:30 am
in new jersey you have to come forward. in fact, there was a report today that someone called a new jersey truck stop claiming to be the winner. well, the lottery says, not true. there was no winner at a truck stop. in fact, the truck stop wasn't the place and that's not the place the winning ticket was bought. and the new jersey lottery officials do not expect the winner to come forward right away. listen. >> they often take their time. we don't hear from them right away. because they are seeking professional advice, which of course, i encourage them to do and to make sure that they've got everything lined up before they face this big prize. >> trace: you notice she said they. if this is a group of people, megyn, the lottery doesn't mess with the dispute, they give you the cash and the lawyers work out who was actually a part of the ticket and who wasn't. did you hear the number. $338 million is the prize. if you win after taxes, you take home like a buck 51.
10:31 am
still, 151 million is not crying, that's a hefty chunk. >> megyn: and works out well for the officials as well as the winners and that is interesting. first of all, let's hope they bought some champagne when they were at the liquor store because they'll need it and second of all. get your ducks lined up before you come forward as the winner. remember what happened to little charlie bucket when he found the ticket and who should pull him aside in the alley, but slug worth and tried to get steal factory and-- >> and your twitter feed is about to explode because nobody remembers that. >> megyn: yes, it's from the best movie of all time. willie wonka and the chocolate factory. number one in my mind. thanks, trace. >> trace: sure. >> megyn: and have the movie poster from that movie, awesome. coming up, the president has been focused recently on building bridges with republicans, the so-called
10:32 am
charm offensive. so, why did his number two in command, vice-president biden just accuse the g.o.p. of being dysfunctional and leaderless and not true to their word? we debate that seeming diversion next. and an ad agency drew up some cartoon ads for ford which ewewe were never supposed to he see. at least that's what we're told. we have an internet leak has the car company doing serious damage control and control, involving the kardashians among others. and he spent time behind bars on a rape charge on advice from an attorney. and now his name is cleared after his accuser made the whole thing up. so, why isn't this woman in handcuffs, in kelly's court. >> for so many years, it seems as if no one took the time to
10:33 am
actually look into the case and learn the truth, and they did, so, i'm very thankful.
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10:37 am
found dead in britain. and when they arrived, the radiation detectors went off. they did not find anything. cod a kremlin insider is claiming the man was murdered by british secret agents. denying accusations that the russian government had anything to do with it. a bit of confusion on capitol hill today after vice-president biden appears to undercut the president's recent efforts to build bridges with republicans. at a conference on saturday, the vice-president blasted the g.o.p. as leaderless, not true to his word and all about the charm offensive that's raising questions what is behind this attack and out of the white house is supposed to be these days. a former deputy assistant under george w. bush and jewelry an advisor to senator
10:38 am
frank lautenberg. >> the wooing has aside, and he went and glad-hand and met with paul ryan and now his number two comes out, brad, it's like business as usual, we can't get along and they're leaderless and they don't live up to their deal. what's going on? >> well, obviously, either biden didn't get the memo or doesn't like what the memo says from the president, but the charm offensive now turned offensive. and this is all geared to 2014. the president and joe biden feel now that if they can continue to paint the republicans as obstructionist, that that is their ticket to winning back the government and it's not the way that you get the government back. the way you get the government back if you're a democrat is to do our job. be competent. use good faith in dealing with republicans and get something
10:39 am
done with the american people and that will get you elected, but not this type of attitude now where the president gives with one hand and takes away with the other. the american people are smart. they're looking for results and not looking for finger pointing. election of 2012 is over. >> megyn: what happened was the president and the republicans had this war over first it was the fiscal cliff and the president kind of won that one and then it was the sequester and the president didn't really win that one and then his poll numbers started to drop precipitously and then came the charm offensive. >> well, we're only, you know, like a week after the charm offensive took place, so, what is motivating joe biden to be so off-message regarding the number one in charge. >> it was a democratic national committee campaign event which obviously is a partisan committee, but he to get republican election-- >> and there are cameras.
10:40 am
>> i understand that, but he appeals to people in order he needs to get the house back and i'm very certain if paul ryan, john boehner, or mitch mcconnell went to rnc-- >> are they on the charm offensive. to me it's strange to see two people off-message with one another. >> i don't think they are. and told harry reid to bleep himself and i don't know if that's a charm offensive. >> and set a private meeting at a moment of negotiation where he couldn't get to first base with democrats, who called him to a meeting. he came there in good faith to get negotiations started and basically told it's our way or the highway. >> megyn: let me ask you, here is what joe biden is saying exactly the opposite is happening with republicans and this is a bit of news made as he made these attacks. he said this is a quote according to the "the hill", there is nobody you can sit across the table from and
10:41 am
shake hands and make a deal with, noting five occasions in which house leaders reneged on agreements hours after shaking hands. calling him to say, quote, what we agreed to, joe, we cannot do. that's news. what are the five occasions? when did that happen? and we heard john boehner be very public about what he said the president did to him, that's his claim, but we have yet to hear the details of these five times. >> no, there aren't ever any details out of this white house. the white house that was supposed sto be so transparent and open, you can't get to first base with that, but whip up the base and nothing gets done. sequestration as you pointed out, megyn, is a disaster for the democrats and they're trying to figure out their way out of sequestration to the next crisis, which is the debt ceiling limit and a budget. let's face it, the president as a matter of law, budget october of 1974 requires the
10:42 am
president to deliver a budget on or before february 1st, where is the budget. not the republicans problem. we are supposed to act off the president's budget that never arrived. >> megyn: i want to ask you, julie, you mentioned something interesting about how this is aimed towards recapturing the house of representatives in the next mid term election, 2014, and no biden did say, please, please work hard to elect 17 new house democrats. now, that's a serious longshot, it's a hail mary, and i'm not saying it can't hop, but this would be-- >> yeah, but so, that seems to be, the pundits came out and told us that's what president obama was aiming for with the charm offensive speaking to the american people, we're reasonable we can get things done. go with the democrats. and again, why would joe biden not just be going with that for now, knowing there are reporters sitting there, who are going to report what he's saying. >> i don't know. and i know when you speak for a political arm, any kind of political arm, whether it's
10:43 am
republican or democratic one you're probably not going to say let's have a kumbayah moment. >> megyn: aren't they great? don't we love the other side? >> let's work with the other side, we don't need the 17 votes we can get it done in a bipartisan way. you're not going to say that, if you do, nobody's going to follow you. and brad, your point about getting to first base fyou can't, drop the f-bomb and thinking about-- i don't think that's acceptable under any circumstances, but i think at the end of the day. >> megyn: where is she going with that. >> you know where i'm going with that. if you want to tell john boehner can't get to first base with harry reid bleep himself and meanwhile, joe biden is giving a partisan speech at a private event. >> megyn: and private conversations. >> it's not private we know about it. >> what you say in private in a matter of-- or in a moment of frustration. look, everybody does it. they're human beings, but what
10:44 am
joe biden has to realize as megyn correctly points out, you can't be schizophrenic in your policy. either you're going to reach out and work in good faith with republicans or you're not. you can't have it both ways and certainly, republicans are listening to joe biden's comments that he made to democrats, and they're taking into account whether he's sincere. >> megyn: and you used that term schizophrenic, i never said anybody is hearing voices, but it is interesting to have the schism. great to see you. >> take care. >> megyn: coming up the homeland security department filed a new order for more than 300,000 powerful bullets as members of congress ask questions about why the security agency has recently posted big contracts for purchasing over a billion rounds of ammunition. today we'll speak with one of the congressmen who has been digging for answers as to why the stock pile. what is this going to be used for? and we have some of those answers for you coming up. one texas mom getting national attention for flagging a test
10:45 am
question he that seems to suggest america's responsible for bringing on the 9/11 attacks. mom joins us live next along with a texas lawmaker who says he's worried over what is being taught to your children in your classrooms as well. and a developing story in egypt as president morsi warns he might be forced to crack down after protesters brought their fight right to the doorstep of the muslim brotherhood headquarters. what does that mean? we'll see why this country is again on shaky ground. carfirmation. only hertz gives you a carfirmation. hey, this is challenger. i'll be waiting for you in stall 5. it confirms your reservation and the location your car is in, the moment you land. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. [ crisp crunches ] whoo-hoo-hoo!
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10:48 am
>> a new controversy about what children are being taught in texas school after a mother complains about a test that suggests the u.s. is to blame for the 9/11 terror attacks. here is the test question, it asks why is america a target for terrorists. according to the curriculums correct answer is quote,
10:49 am
decisions u.s. made has had negative effects on people elsewhere, end quote. this isn't the first time that we've heard concerns about the texas curriculum. one lawmaker is trying to get to the bottom how the decisions are made. and karen joins us on the phone and state senator dan patrick. karen, let me start with you, you first posted this online and when you did and when you complained, the school district almost immediately came out and said, okay, okay, we contacted safari montage, they're the ones who put it together and apologized in writing, it wasn't their intent to convey that the u.s. was to blame, they were trying to generate a patriotic of message. your thoughts. >> right. i didn't degree. in the beginning of the film it is patriotic how the country came together and congress sang god bless america and united. however, they still blamed,
10:50 am
what i think, they blamed the united states for the attack. so, you can claim you're patriotic all you want, and sing god bless america, but we're big and bad and use the power-- >> and watched the video and then took the test. >> i did. >> megyn: and clearly the understanding the right answer was to say we are partly to blame for 9/11 and the representatives say they stand behind their video and sorry for the test questions, but stand behind the video. do you think they need to do more? >> oh, i think they -- i think they need to pull it. now, my son knew, when i asked him about why he answered that question that way, he said, mom, i know that terrorists are bad, but that's what the man says in the video and i wanted to get 100, so that's a quote from the video. >> megyn: senator patrick, let me bring you in on this and i know you're concerned about the curriculum in the state of texas and a couple of circulating around down there
10:51 am
and this is what we have to deal with now. we've got the videos and quizzes and a set curriculum that's trying to teach our kids that we, america, are to blame for the bad things that happen to us? >> well, megyn, this -- when i was on fox several weeks ago to talk about this issue, i began to talk about this bigger issue of how education is changing dramatically in america as we move from textbooks to online learning. and in the past, each state and in texas the state board of education, would review textbooks to be sure the information was right and that there wasn't a bias. and that that textbooks would be distributed and parents could see them. they've been approved. today, we have an onslaught of online products by c-scope, which was not involved in this particular lesson. >> megyn: that's the other that has the agenda in texas. >> right, that's the other entity and now you have safari montage with this video and talked to the state board of
10:52 am
education. we've had 1300 bids, up dramatically, from textbook publishers for online curriculum because they're making the transition. now, we obviously want to stay up with technology in our schools. it's less expensive to deliver the product this way. students are more engaged in technology than they are in ready heavy textbooks, but we've lost control, megyn, and this really concerns me. now, safari montage, if you look on their website they're funded with government grants primarily from the federal government and what concerns me about common core as well. >> megyn: i want to asked kara, you found it in your child's test. how did you find it? >> i winter through his papers. >> megyn: lots of parents did that, why did you find it and not the others. >> and i look at the content. sorry? >> lots of parents look through the test. how did you find it, do you think you pay more attention than most? >> well, i don't know. i would think -- you know what, maybe i just speak auto. maybe it's just a little frightening to come out
10:53 am
against the school out howed because they try to intimidate you and the teachers and they come out-- >> come out and say there is only one parent who complained. >> right. >> megyn: obviously they've apologized now and it's not just you who feels this way. we've got to run, up against a hard break and thanks for coming on and showing it, stand behind the video. and coming up, new questions about the homeland security and lots and lots of bullets. how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. [ major nutrition ] ensure! nutrition in charge!
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>> ford motor company in the hot seat after an ad agency produces a controversial cartoon? the u.s. auto maker spent the weekend apologizing after a couple of mock ads depicting bound and gagged women in the back of a ford. and that ad went viral. the images included this one showing paris hilton driving
10:57 am
around with the kardashian sisters tied in the trunk. what a laugh riot, trace gallagher, how did this happen. >> trace: they went viral. hundreds of thousands of hits and this was made by the advertising agency in india, and advertising the car that sells mostly in india and how big the trunks were, or the boot as they're called there. another ad former prime minister silvio berlusconi with three women tied up and gagged and crying in the back and you can see berlusconi making the peace sign. of course we know that he's famous for his bunka bunka sex parties facing charges with a minor. and the other with paris hilton and the kardashians tied up in the back. and ford has now spoken out quickly because the ads were never supposed to be made, much less uploaded to the internet.
10:58 am
and ford apologizing quickly saying, i'm quoting here, the posters are contrary to the standards of professionalism and decency within ford and our agency partners. together with our partners we are reviewing approval and oversight processes to help ensure nothing like this ever happens again. keep in mind the timing here could not be worse in india because there is still outrage over that gang rape case where a woman died. and people in india saying that the country is simply not harsh enough on rape suspects and that women are treated as second class citizens and these ads certainly not doing anything to abandon that image, megyn. but ford saying look, no idea how they got out there, but they weren't supposed to be made much less uploaded and a million people looking at them. >> megyn: all right, trace, thanks. well, several members of congress are pushing hard to learn why homeland security seems to be ordering millions and millions of rounds of
10:59 am
ammunition. one of those congressmen asking questions joins us live right after this break, to tell us what he has learned. and a young man spent five years behind bars for a crime his accuser now says he did not commit. after pleading no contest to a rape charge on bad advice from counsel, the accuser on camera admitting she made the whole thing up. why isn't she in handcuffs? ÷ what's droid-recognition ?
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11:02 am
the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid recognition. droid powerful. >> fox news alert on breaking developments from the u.s. supreme court. the justices have decided that they will take up their second major affirmative action case in less than a year. brand new hour here of "america live." welcome everybody, i'm megyn kelly. we're already awaiting another big decision on the use of racial preferences in college admissions and in fact, the justices could hand out a ruling on that any day now. but now there is a new case and questions about what this case could ultimately mean for a controversial policy.
11:03 am
shannon bream with more. >> reporter: it's interesting because you mentioned we are still awaiting another important case. the fisher case was argued back in october 6 this term and it's all about admissions policies at university of texas, a white student sued because she didn't get a spot and says she was discriminated against and says the policies there are no good, they shouldn't use race to factor in and should be tossed out. we've been waiting for months for that opinion from the court and waiting to find out. so it did come as a little bit after surprise when we got the orders list from the court and found out they're taking up additional affirmative action case which won't be heard until the next term which starts in october. this had to do with something that passed by voters in michigan in 2006 and get the wording right for you basically tells schools in michigan they shall not discriminate against or grant preferential treatment to any individual or group on the basis of race, group, ethnicity or national origin. voters back in 2006 in
11:04 am
michigan told the state schools there, you cannot use race in any part of your admissions policy and they fought it through and now it's going to end up at the supreme court. backers of that proposal, called proposal 2 lost and goes to the court now and interestingly enough, both of these cases justice kagen had to recuse herself. if it gets to a 4-4 vote that lower court ruling will be the law. >> megyn: all right. shannon bream, thank you. >> reporter: you got it. >> megyn: a little contest for you on affirmative action. and that term was first used in 1961 in an executive order by president kennedy. in 1978 the supreme court ruled race could be considered in college admissions. 25 years later, in 2003, the supreme court upheld the use of race as a factor in college admissions. but then, in 2007, the court ruled the school districts cannot assign students to elementary high school, or high school institutions to create racial balance.
11:05 am
quotas are not allowed, but race can be a factor, that's where the law stands. we shall see how it goes from here. some lawmakers want to know why the department of homeland security is apparently on a huge ammo buying spree. this is a just high pressu-plac for 300,000 bullets, the latest in a series of contracts that could add up to more than enough bullets to supply the equipment for the iraq war for 24 years and they want to know why the dhs is doing. the congressman, one. lawmakers demanding answers. the california republican joins us now via skype. and california congressman, good to see you. let's cut to the chase because some of the conspiracy theorists saying this is the government buying up bullets to use against us. are you one of those who believes that? >> well, that might be reaching a little far at this point. we've asked the questions of
11:06 am
dhs. what is the reasoning behind doing this? and when you talk to your constituents out there across my area and across the whole country there is an extreme shortage of ammunition as it is now. and when they hear a story like this, is this what's contributing to us not being able to get ammunition for our sporting or protection or what have you. and we've asked questions of dhs what are your procurement standards here and why are you doing it this way and we're hearing well, it's over a five-year period and buying it in bulk, okay. we might be able to appreciate that, but it is a heck of a lot of rounds of ammunition and for some very dubious-sounding reasons. >> megyn: and let me ask you. what is dubious about it? because i think that dhs is saying, forgive the analogy, like sam's club, not that you need 24 rolls of paper towels, but you buy in bulk and don't
11:07 am
have to deal with it frequently again. why is that not an acceptable answer? >> probably part of the answer that we get. we're hearing these things. again, people are wondering why is it, for example, is the social security administration getting almost 200,000 rounds of hollow point ammunition. what is it about our social security checks and administration that we have guys toting hollow point around with them. if it's for target practice, there's an awful lot of hollow point going on through the various agencies that aren't appropriate for target practice because they're much more costly rounds. and so, it's one thing to have, you know, the right people being able to go out and do the practicing they need to do, but i think this is certainly worthy of a series of questions because a lot of people want to know. and in this time of sequester where everything is a disaster because of the sequester, do they really have that kind of money to be spending on this amount of ammunition, especially at a time as part
11:08 am
of the sequester, they're releasing many hardened criminals across the country. >> megyn: well, you touched on -- let me jump in. i asked you about the one conspiracy theory out there and you touched on the other theory out there in your letter and you mentioned it here as well which is what you've written to the dhs. quote, are the purchases being conducted in a manner that strategically denies the american people access to ammunition? now, that's a serious question because there is a problem with access to ammunition according to some local law enforcement agents in versus pockets of the country. people have been complaining that they can't get ammo for some reason now. what is your theory on that? >> again, these are questions we want the dhs to answer for us. they have acknowledged our letter. myself and 14 other members of the house, have put this letter together, forward together, and so they've acknowledged that and say they're working on it and so we will give them the opportunity to process that and let us know what it is. but the fact still remains,
11:09 am
all told, it's about 2 million rounds out that, and local law enforcement. they're having to buy from other people who have a stash or other means that isn't professional as well as-- >> can i ask you this, i don't know what the answer is, but i'm wondering, does dhs normally do this where they buy-- they say he we may not need 1.6 billion or 1.2 billion in ammo and we want to authorize up to that number of bullets the next five years, as far as when we look back it looks for 2012 place add one-year order for 148 million rounds, but now this year, it's a five-year order of 1.6 billion rounds. so, is it unusual to do the five-year deal? >> it seems unusual and i think they're sending the wrong message to the people of this nation when they can't buy their own ammunition or law enforcement can't seem to buy ammunition and we have the
11:10 am
sequester and budget issues out there. it it sound like a tremendous amount and hollow point is much more expensive than the type you would use for normal target practicing and there are a lot of thing stirring around this and by many, many people of their government these days, so when they asked me to check in on this, i think it's my duty as an elected official, as a representative, to get to the bottom. these are just questions that we think are appropriate, and need to be asked and when they come from the people across the country, that would like to know these things. so, you know, there is he' people, you know, making fun of it a little bit and you're using the words paranoia. and i think these are very appropriate for what we need to do. >> megyn: understood, sir. well, i appreciate you coming on. you're not the only congressman written a letter. tom coburn, senator coburn has written a letter on february 4th, dhs responded to that and said in part we routinely do
11:11 am
this and these help to leverage the purchasing power for dhs pro curing equipment and supplies at significantly lower costs. our thanks to the congressman for his thoughts on it and we'll follow it as gets a respond at some point from dhs. we're tracking this developing story in egypt. president morsi there warning a big crackdown could be coming after protesters bring their fight right to the steps of the muslim brotherhood. and why it's on shaky ground and what it means for us. plus amanda knox's future could be hanging on a decision that will come at any second. we'll speak with investigators and lawyers next whether miss knox may face a retrial before the day is out. remember, she was convicted of murder only to have the conviction overturned. she could be back in court again. and don't you hate it when you have a song stuck in your head and you can't get it out no matter what? we've talked about this
11:12 am
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11:15 am
>> well, pope francis encouraged people attending palm sunday mass to be humble. so far he's practicing what he preaches. he'll reportedly break from the holy week position. instead of washing the feet of priests, he'll wash the feet of young inmates at a youthful detention center. humety is nothing new. he walked up to the crowd and shake hands and checked out of the his hotel room and
11:16 am
personally called to cancel his newspaper delivery in argentina which produced tears we're told in the newspaper delivery man on the other end of the line. and fox news alert, any moment now, italy's highest court could decide whether american amanda knox will go on trial for murder again. ms. knox and her boyfriend raphael were arrested in italy in 2007, accused of murdering knox's roommate marilyn kircher. her body was found in the bedroom where they lived, she and knox. knox's appeal was successful and had conviction overturned after spending four years in prison the murder charge. but italian law allows prosecutors to appeal acquittal and they want another bite at the apple. and lis wiehl, fox news analyst and mark fuhrman a
11:17 am
former homicide detective. and this is extraordinary, this isn't done in our country. double-jeopardy. you get the conviction overturned and you're free. >> right. >> megyn: not so in italy and tell me if this high court decides she can stand trial again. she's back in seattle, washington. what happens. >> they'd have to extradite her and probably not going to happen. i don't see it getting to that point. you're right, i mean, it would never happen in this country. when you're the prosecutor, you lose, it's over, double-jeopardy attaches. here it's different and it's a high standard for a new trial. what new evidence do they have. what could it be that they could possibly use to overturn the appellate court. >> megyn: it's not new though, mark. apparently they're not arguing there's new evidence. they're arguing when dna issues came up about the alleged murder weapon an and the knife and bra clasp it review and meredith was murdered with a knife and one of the defendant's blood on there and that was thrown out not being reliable and then
11:18 am
claimed that meredith's bra clasp had the dna of raphael on it and turned out to be questionable. they threw that stuff out and the prosecutor is arguing so you throw that out, you don't throw out the whole case. >> well, i would probably agree with the italian prosecutor and we don't know the competence or incompetence of the crime scene investigation or the forensics, but with what we do know and for me, there's one thing that is so overwhelming is, amanda knox actually participated or created a staged crime scene and she actually pushed that story forward and the only reason somebody does that is knowledge or participation, either before, during, or after the homicide. so she is culpable in some regards for me, regardless of the dna. >> megyn: she told some different stories in the the beginning, lis, but people have to understand the italian justice system is is not the american justice system.
11:19 am
they have a long history with all due respect to the italians of coercing confessions and underhanded tactics. >> that's right, and supposed confession that looks, it could have been coerced. let's go back to the forensics, you're talking about. why would they come back, they wouldn't. these cops bungled this case from the beginning and i don't see how that forensic evidence gets back in front much another judge. and if it doesn't, they don't have enough to attach to it. >> megyn: this prosecutor who is pushing this case, mark, he was the same guy who prosecuted if anybody read "the monster of florence" behind the pursuit of a serial killer in italy. that book outlines the extraordinary efforts this guy went to to get what he thought was his man, despite evidence of the contrary and there's a question whether the system over there operates in a way that is designed to produce justice or to just produce a conviction to make the prosecutor look good. and we have to worry 'cause
11:20 am
this is an american citizen. >> and well, i would agree with all of that, megyn, i don't think we have to give the italian legal system or the police any respect that they're not due. they did not release enough information to the media, but i think the media's exactly why this prosecutor is going after amanda knox. i think he's embarrassed. i think he's doing everything he can to get it back to where he is at least partially correct. but you know, legally, she is innocent. factually, i think she was a participant, whether afraid, threatened, or she just went along with the crowd to make up a story. somebody staged that crime scene and that might have compromised the crime scene investigation and the interrogation, but we don't have that evidence and we don't have those interrogations to actually look at it. >> megyn: there is a guy sitting in jail for the murder, lis. wound up pointing at amanda knox and raphael as accomplices and rejected by are the court who threw out the conviction.
11:21 am
one of the main problems the prosecutor had in upholding the conviction, what was the motive? the prosecution claimed some sex gone wild but there was no evidence of that. >> no evidence and don't forget, we can never forget, they were roommates and even that forensics was there, on the brush, the bra, all of that could be explained away by they're roommates and of course they're together. even if they put her in that place at the time, there was no proof at trial that she had anything to do with it and i don't see how at that gets better with time. >> megyn: but the bra clasp on which raphael's dna was supposed to be found, mark, didn't turn up until magically six weeks after the murder. and they scoured the crime scene, you tell me as a guy investigating the homicide scene, that's automatically suspect it doesn't show up until six weeks later? >> well, it is, but you know, you can articulate that, too, that you actually went back with more thorough search or an interrogation statement, you know, kind of pointed you
11:22 am
in a direction of a piece of evidence that you can't find or part of a piece of evidence you can't find. you know, it can be explained away and in fact, it can actually gain credibility, but i don't think that's the case here. but what did we do before dna? what did we do before dna? we went through the process and we listened to the people that are the witnesses or suspects or interchangeable witness and suspect. suspects make up stories and lie about what they don't have to. witnesses tell what they see, what they saw, what they remember, and it is the same. they don't stage crime scenes. they tell the truth. i want to know that's the only issue i care about, why did she participate in a staged burglary crime scene scenario. >> megyn: mark, you're kind of making my point. you said why it can be explained away by the prosecution. if you're the prosecutor in this countries or any other country, you don't want to be in a position to explain evidence. >> megyn: lis quickly. >> i agree.
11:23 am
>> megyn: if they decide to retry her. do we extradite her or send her back or is it over already. >> i think it's over already. >> megyn: and the other guy raphael is living in italy and may be in a different position than amanda if the high court decides to draw them back in. panel, thank you so much. >> you got it. >> megyn: coming up an online backlash over a lingerie's decision to target girls as young as 12 and critics aren't the only ones who say that victoria's secret are crossing the line. how some are reacting. a teenager spends five years in jail after a rape he did not commit after bad advice from a lawyer. and now his accuser is on camera admitting it's all a lie and so why isn't she now in handcuffs? kelly's court takes up the case. >> i can only think of one thing and that's getting home to my family and back to my life much the only way i saw that fit was to take a deal and hopefully get home as soon as possible.
11:24 am
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11:27 am
>> after months of complaints from veterans groups and weeks of coverage from broadcasts like this one, the secretary of veterans affairs says he is declaring war on the growing backlog of disability claims. for now, it appears the secretary is losing the battle. about 600,000 claims or 70% have been sitting around for more than 125 days. that number has nearly quadrupl quadrupled, quadrupled recently. he says it's due to the growing number of claims and lack of automation and
11:28 am
clearing the backlog by 2015. lingerie giant victoria's secret taking aim online, girls as young as 12. and trace, why this is a problem. >> trace: there's evidence that victoria's secret is targeting a younger audience. this is called victoria's secret's pink line aimed at college students, right? but they wouldn't mind if younger women bought these because at a recent conference, victoria's secret chief financial officer saying when somebody is 15 or 16 years old what do they want to be? they want to be older and cool like the girl in college and that's part of the magic of what we do at pink. well, now the company has a brand new line called bright young thing and the worry here is they could be going after girls as young as 12, 13, 14, with lace underwear and words
11:29 am
on the back like wild and call me written on the front. now, a houston pastor, thefore of a three-year-old daughter says this ad campaign makes him sick and he's now written an open scathing letter to victoria's secret reads in part, i don't want my daughter to ever think that herself worth and acceptance by others is based on the choice of her undergarments. i don't want my daughter to ever think to be popular or attractive she has to have emblazoned words on her bottom. the victoria's secret facebook page has gotten a number of negative comments about the new line of clothing. we have contacted victoria's secret. they have not yet contacted oust back. >> megyn: we've come a long way from the days of the bloomingdale's sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday. that's the raciest thing we did when i was that age. >> trace: things changed. i have a daughter don't want
11:30 am
her in victoria's secret. >> megyn: and that was a splurge. normally go to the fashion bug, it's there. probably not, but you can use your imagination, thanks, trace. >> trace: okay. >> megyn: remember the days of the week underwear in case you forgot? oh, it's monday, great. all right. coming up, some people want phil, the famous groundhog-- because of this. a massive spring snowstorm already pummelling the plains and the midwest and now it could make life miserable for the millions in the east during today's commute home. we'll show you the conditions out there firsthand and we'll discuss whether phil is to blame. also, seems like this speaks volume how hard it's been for democracy to take root in egypt, true democracy. but does it reveal a new leadership crisis for the president and his muslim brotherhood allies in egypt? are they allies? the president hedged on that. this country is seeing more and more turmoil and that may
11:31 am
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[ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. >> we're tracking a developing story out of egypt today where we heard dramatic warnings about a possible government crackdown. the egyptian president mohammed morsi rounding up political activists who brought protesters straight to the headquarters of his allies in the muslim brotherhood.
11:35 am
on friday we saw the worst clashes between the brotherhood and its opponents in months and now president morsi says he may take unspecified measures to quote, protect this nation. now some are talking about the possibility of the collapse of egypt. joining me now to discuss it, fox news contributor and former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. rick grinell and rick burns, a former ambassador to n.a.t.o. and secretary under president clinton and now you've got president obama morsi discussing the collapse of egypt. and that's something we don't want over here and that's one of the reasons we're keeping an eye over there. >> i don't see the prospect of the state collapsing, but i think that morsi's actions
11:36 am
showed why people feared having a muslim brotherhood government in power, that it would be a one person, one vote, one time experience, and i have to say, the fact that the military so far is silent, could indicate they're prepared to acquiesce in this. although people have said that the brotherhood and the military could never come to an agreement on rule in egypt. i've always believed that's a possibility. so i think this is very, very serious and it's one reason i favor suspending both economic and military aid to egypt until this gets resolved. >> rick, where is this going? because you know, they got rid of hosni mubarak out there because he was dictatorial and ruled with an iron fist and wanted something more akin to democracy and now you've fot president morsi if i have to protect this nation, i will and i may be close to doing so. and critics say that sounds like he's about to take
11:37 am
suppressive measures. >> or what happened when he took unprecedented power and decided to legislate without judicial oversight. i think when you combine morsi's words on the palestinian-israel conflict and his questioning of really what happened during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, people are rightfully nervous about where he's going. he's got a ph.d. from usc right here in los angeles, but it seems a far cry from what he's trying to do now. and using this term insighting violence, i think, is really a political term and it's constantly used in the arab world to mean whatever somebody wants it to mean. >> megyn: ambassador burns, you've got a situation where you've sort of got president morsi and the muslim brotherhood on one hand and secularist on the other hand. does it make it clear for us, and more secular country in the west, who we're rooting
11:38 am
for? it seems much more complicated than that. >> we should want to root for democracy and reform if that can be the case in egypt. but we see two years after tahrir square, morsi mishandled this. he's not with the true opposition and hasn't prepared a political process that allows a lot of voices to be heard and if the warnings turn out to be some sort of version of dictatorial rule or marshal l -- martial law, they want to see a more democratic future and does put the obama administration in the position of trying to have to push very hard, i think right now behind the scenes, on morsi to cease and desist against some of the the stronger warnings he's giving. >> megyn: and a theocratic you've been concerned about, ambassador bolt anden you sat when the arab spring was a wonderful turning point and
11:39 am
expressed concerns back then, about where this might lead. and what do you see as the major risk to america in watching all of this? >> well, if morsi is able to hold on to power, to suppress the opposition, to keep the military basically acquiescing in what he's doing, then i think he's both going to increase depression domestically, we've already seen 100,000 christians flee egypt since the fall of mubarak, and i think he'll do what he promised to do in the election campaign for president, and that is abrogate the camp david accord. he's already grown closer to iran. i think the overall deterioration in strategic stability in the middle east only gets worse if morsi consolidates power. that's bad for the united states, bad for israel, bad for our other friendly arab regimes. >> megyn: well, if that's true, let me ask you this of you, ric, should we be rooting for the secularists who, you know, that's a broadway of
11:40 am
describing who is on the street opposing morsi's policies. should we be rooting for them if he we don't want to see morsi consolidate power? >> yeah, i think that's a very good point. you know, the evidence is there. we've seen morsi now power grabbing and doing all the wrong things. i think the united states has got to look at the writing on the wall and react. it's time to read what's obviously happening and not wait any longer. i think ambassador bolten is right, we should not be giving -- selling arms to egypt right now when we really doesn't know what the leadership looks like. >> megyn: and give them over a billion dollars and billion and a half last year. and ambassador burns, though, this is a country in which we want stability and ambassador bolten talks about the camp david accords and we want to have israel back as well and you see things deteriorating especially with that news conference last week, between benjamin netanyahu and
11:41 am
president obama and sounded like netanyahu says, look, i've been given the okay to go ahead alone if i need to and what's in the middle east. >> you've handled it skillfully and see the administration use the relationship with morsi to help stop the hamas rocket attacks late last year and egypt has not turned fully towards iran yet and we need to keep egypt as part of an anti-iran coalition in the arab world and as you say, to maintain the peace agreement with israel. and that points to the need for risk diplomacy behind the scenes and i think the united states is doing it and a skillful ambassador in patterson and secretary of state in john kerry. and i think they're going to have them cease and desist from the aggressive tactics they're they think and turn this situation into one where the government begins to listen to the people on the street and gives them an opportunity to say what they have to say and try to reduce this level of violence.
11:42 am
i don't think it would make any sense right now, for the united states to cut off all aid. we would lose influence if we did that. better to use american influence in this very important country behind the scenes which the administration i think is doing. >> megyn: it's supposed to be a new day when morsi ascended and the muslim brotherhood said they'd never seek the presidency, turned out not to be true. it's supposed to be a new day. and dozens of islamists protesting outside of tv studios that are independent and critical of morsi and that's not the direction we were opening to go in, ambassador bolten. what do you think we're doing behind the scenes? president obama hasn't spoken on this publicly yet, nor has secretary kerry, i believe, so what do you think it's likely we are doing behind the scenes? >> well, whatever it is, it's obviously not working. you know, morsi is well on the way to packing the military, top echelons with supporters of the muslim brotherhood. i think, really, it's the military that's the closest thing we've got to something
11:43 am
dependable in egypt and that's moving away from it. so, i see the situation deteriorating and i think unless we were to suspend aid, we would have no way to explain to morsi we're not going to protect him. i think senator-- or secretary kerry's decision to release economic aid to morsi sent exactly the wrong signal wthat money in his pocket he's now having prosecutors call in the domestic opposition, that's not a good correlation. >> megyn: ric, the ambassador, includes the man to your right, john bolton. what's he like behind the scenes? is he difficult? tell us. >> he's not difficult at all. he's actually, one thing that people don't know, he's very funny and direct, and-- >> we know that here. >> and i would never say-- if you know him behind the scenes, a wicked sense of humor. >> megyn: i had to ask. gentlemen, thank you for your perspective. great to have you here and hope to see you again.
11:44 am
>> thanks. >> megyn: wouldn't you like to hear the stories? i'd like to hear more, but we have to go on. kelly's court is next and what a doozy today. this young man spent five years in prison for a rape that the accuser is now caught on camera saying it never happened. destroying any chance he really had at playing professional football, which is what his future seemed to hold at the time. so, why isn't this accuser, again, i'll show you the tape, caught on camera saying it didn't happen now, not in handcuffs? kelly's court is next. and plus those annoying songs you can't get out of your head, they call them ear worms, the solution coming up. ♪ dentist ] with so many toothbrushes to choose from, my patients don't know which one to use. i tell them to use the brand i use. oral-b -- the brush originally created by a dentist. trust the brand more dentists and hygienists use.
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11:47 am
>> kelly's court is back in session. on the docket today, justice for a young man whose dreams
11:48 am
of playing in the nfl were dashed perhaps forever by an accuser who later recanted her story after he served the jail time. brian banks had a scholarship waiting for him at football powerhouse usc when a high school classmate accused him of rape. despite the fact that there was no dna, there were no witnesses. there was virtually no evidence, the young man spent five plus years in prison. here in an interview that aired last night on 60 minutes, he explained the plea deal he took on the advice of his lawyer. >> what i did was i pled no contest. so, i didn't plead guilty, but it still holds the same burden of a guilty plea. it was a situation where pretty much i was forced to take this deal. i had the option of facing life in prison or taking shorter time in prison and at the age of 17, and not really being represented correctly, i could only think of one thing getting home to my family and back to my life. the only way i saw that fit
11:49 am
was to take a deal and hopefully get home as soon as possible and things didn't go as planned. >> that was our fox affiliate, but there was ayn credible piece on 60 minutes. and secret recordings, she admitted she made the charges up and the judge tossed it out not before the accuser collected 750,000 in a settlement with the school district. so, why isn't she the one in handcuffs now? joining me now mark eiglarsh and david wolfe. it was incredible the piece he they aired how this young man really lost his future as a result of this. he went into some stairwell with her for a few minutes back in high school, and later that day, she accused him of rape and reported him as a rapist to the police, and the
11:50 am
next thing he's getting advice from council, given your size and your color and all of these things you're not going to get off, you should plead no contest and he did, he did, mark. >> yes. >> megyn: and now they've got this woman in camera, let me show the viewers what 60 minutes aired. brian is out of prison and contacted by his accuser and meets up with her with a private detective and cameras rolling and listen to her now. >> he's accused of rape, of kidnapping. >> yeah. >> and i need to hear from you : >> why wouldn't they charge her now? >> i don't know, megyn, they should. i have no-- there's no rational reason why she shouldn't be stripped of
11:51 am
her liberty and serve hard core prison time. what she did to him, i don't have the words for it. it was a horrid, a gross miscarriage of justice, but the climate that she creates now is much bigger than just this one individual. other rape victims may hesitate to come forward because now what this creates is an environment where, well, we don't know. we don't know. it could be another fake one. another duke lacrosse situation and damn her for doing what she did. she should be taken into custody. >> megyn: she stole his life, david. she stole it. five years, plus he had this promising football future. and i mean, if you heard him in the interview he seemed like an earnest young man and wants to move on with his life, but this problem is bigger than just brian banks now. and the system has a problem and there is a real question about whether the system needs to ask this young woman for some justice. >> well, you know, there's no question about it, megyn. and props to my law school
11:52 am
whose assisted in his exoneration. and the prosecution would be giving false information which is a misdemeanor in california, now, the victim himself, now the victim in this case, mr. banks, does not want to go forward with the prosecution. he doesn't want to cooperate ap also, megyn, you have the third prong of this problem, even though the dna, the defense attorney got dna test and said it was not him. what defense attorney which is worth the bar card they possess would tell him to plead no contest which is in california considered guilty plea. she told him to plead guilty and presents a problem for the prosecutors going forward in this case, if she's prosecuted, she could flip-flop and say now what, on camera there, i was telling a lie. >> according to the local reports and l.a. times she's recanted her recantation,
11:53 am
mark, but of course she has. now, it's like there's a national spotlight on her and as it turns out she doesn't like it, she was much more comfortable when it was on brian banks. >> yeah, to me the outcome is important, but it's less significant than her being locked up and going through the process of having to be a defendant and-- >> and letting the system play it out. let the system determine who is telling the truth. and plenty more of her surveillance tape after the break. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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11:56 am
>> now this accuser, she not only put a man in prison for five-plus year but she sued. she and her mother sued the school district and recovered $750,000 for rape we just all heard her say did not tapes. here is the accuser. juan netta, talking to brian
11:57 am
banks on the surveillance video about her settlement. >> go through and help you but at the same time all they gave me, i don't want to have to pay back. >> that it will continue a long tike. >> take a long time for her to pay back the money. does that factor in? according to the reports she doesn't have any money. she has two kids and is getting support for them. you can't get blood from a stone. >> two separate issues. should she be arrested, even though it as a misdemeanor, that tolds her accountable for lying. yes. thens, should thigh throw good money of bad to get a judgment, probably not. she is on public assistance and never going to see it back. let me say this about the attorney. the attorney did the attorney's job in saying, look, if a jury believes this woman, who appears to be believable and credible,
11:58 am
you could go to prison for the rest of your life. the attorney -- >> dna? no way. she has dna saying it's not him. one of the problems is -- >> no, that's not the case. >> it was. wait, lou, finish your point. >> one of the problems is that going after her now, in a criminal case, would essentially cause a chill on rape victims as well. mark was talking about it earlier. it's not only prosecutor, the rape victims will say, maybe i'll be thought of as a liar, too. so there's a double--edged sword. >> dna samples from the sheriff's office came back negative as brian banks ensied the would. >> negative is different than having someone else's dna that supports another person. that's not what happen. just like he said there wasn't --
11:59 am
>> i'm not sure that's true. mark, i have a longer article in front of me and i can't find it, but there was a question about whether she had had a sexual encount temperature with somebody -- >> this is on the victim, not on the attorney. this is on the victim. >> i'm not ready to let the attorney off the hook on this. i go to go. be right back. we went out and asked people a simple question: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone